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All benefits are based on the salary defined in the Permanent Firefighter Award for a "Qualified Firefighter". Any changes to this salary will automatically change the benefits provided by the Fund. Benefits shown on this page are based on the salary in effect on 17 February 2017.

Effective date
17 February 2017
Qualified Firefighter weekly rate
Deemed annual salary
(weekly rate x 52.1785)
Deemed fortnightly salary
(weekly rate x 2)

Benefits for Permanent Members

On Duty benefits - these are pension benefits

Benefit type % of deemed salary Fortnightly pension as at 17/02/2017
TPI On Duty
(Payable to age 67, can be exchanged for a lump sum from age 60)
60% $1,821.20
Death On Duty
(Payable for life to spouse, can exchange for a lump sum at age 55 or 60)
(If no spouse then the Death Off Duty benefit is payable)
40% $1,214.14
Child pension
(Payable on death of firefighter only)
(Payable to child up to age 18 or to 25 if in recognised full time study)
5% $151.77

Off Duty Death* and TPI benefits - these are lump sum benefits

Age Multiple** as at 19/02/2016 Lump Sum Benefit as at 17/02/2017
18-59 4.8 $380,111
60 4.2 $332,597
61 3.6 $285,083
62 3.0 $237,569
63 2.4 $190,055
64 1.8 $142,542
65 1.2 $95,028
66 0.6 $47,514
67 0.0 $0

*Note: Death lump sum benefits are paid to the firefighter's estate.

** The multiple may change each year following the annual actuarial review

This page contains general information on the benefits provided by the Fund. For full details of these benefits please refer to the Permanent PDS. The information is not a conclusive or binding statement of the benefit payable. Before you act on this information you should contact the fund to obtain a written statement of the information required.